Product Description

ActaFlex4X harnesses the soothing power with specialized lipids for a fast-acting, topical cream that absorbs in seconds!

Just rub it where it hurts and feel the relief!

By applying ActaFlex4X right where it hurts, it goes directly to the affected area, concentrating the effects of the medicine where it’s needed most– and speeding up how quickly you get relief.

That means no waiting…. and fewer side effects than taking a pill, which involves gastrointestinal absorption and circulation in the blood.

NOW, when your pain flares up, just rub it out, on the spot! The result is incredibly fast and targeted pain relief!


ActaFlex4X has been clinically studied, with results published in the Journal of Rheumatology and the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

In a double-blind, randomized, controlled study conducted by the University of Connecticut, 40 patients with osteoarthritis of the knees were randomly assigned to receive either ActaFlex4X or a placebo. After a single application, 100% of the subjects using ActaFlex4X cream showed significant pain reduction as well as improved balance, strength and better mobility. The improvements occurred within 30 minutes, with cumulative benefits over 30 days. In contrast, no difference was observed in the placebo group.

An additional published study confirmed earlier research showing improvement in elbow, wrist and knee mobility and significant reduction in pain.

The ActaFlex4X Secret

ActaFlex4X secret lies in its patented, clinically-tested Cetylated Fatty Acid Complex (cetyl oleate, cetylated laurate, cetylated palmitate, cetyl myristoleate, cetyl myristate).
Research shows that cetylated fatty acids appear to have the same characteristics as essential fatty acids (EFAs), except stronger and longer lasting. These oils function in two therapeutic ways for immediate and long-term comfort:

  1. RESTORES CELL FUNCTION: As fats are the main components of cell membranes, they regulate what stays in the cell and what stays out. In order for the cells of the joints and muscles to function optimally, nutrients, waste and proteins need to be able to pass into and out of these cells. ActaFlex4X provides the cell membrane with an ideal blend of lipids to enhance its function and repel stressors such as inflammatory chemicals. This reduces cartilage and tissue breakdown.
  2. CUSHIONS & LUBRICATES: These oils act as a unique cellular lubricant, a kind of WD-40 that restores fluids to cushion joints and muscles and enjoy a free range of motion without painful bone-on-bone grinding! By restoring needed fluids and nourishing the cell membranes, the joint and mucles tissues then have a chance to recover and regenerate for long term comfort and flexibility!

The Discovery

Cetyl Miyristoleate was discovered nearly 50 years ago by Harry W. Diehl, Ph.D., a research chemist at the prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Working on his own, for lack of funding, the researcher had found it impossible to induce arthritis in a certain strain of Swiss Albino mice. The baffled scientist tried every way possible to give those mice arthritis, but they just wouldn’t get it.

Finally, after months of research, he successfully extracted the substance which was “immunizing” the mice – it was cetyl myristoleate. Consequently, the ingredient was tested in clincial trials with astounding results.

Diehl patented his discovery. By then, Diehl himself began suffering from arthritis. He successfully alleviated the condition with cetyl myristoleate treatment and lived pain free for many years.

His physician was so impressed with his recovery that he persuaded Diehl to publish his findings and further his research.

Since then, clinical trials have shown that the potency of cetyl myristoleate is further improved by combining it with other fatty acids and OTC pain relievers.

The result of this extraordinary research is ActaFlex4X. Today, decades after the original discovery, tens of thousands of people in the US have reported using the ingredients in ActaFlex4X with amazing success.

Percent of Osteoarthritis Patients Reporting Significant Pain Improvement
actaflex-graph2 In this this human, clinical study, 100% of subjects with knee, wrist and elbow osteoarthritis reported significant relief within 30 minutes (after one application), and the relief actually increased with each day of continued use!
Advanced pain relief delivers relief directly to the site of pain
muscle-tissue Through a unique transdermal delivery, ActaFlex4X penetrates skin quickly to reach the target tissues and joints. When applied to the skin, 95% of medicine is absorbed.