Product Description

ActaFlex4X harnesses the soothing power of specialized lipids in a fast-acting, ultra-strength cream!

Just rub it where it hurts and feel the relief!

Apply ActaFlex4X right where it hurts to experience relief from minor aches and pains of muscles and joints.

NOW, when your pain flares up, just rub it out, on the spot! The result is incredibly fast and targeted pain relief!


The ActaFlex4X Secret

ActaFlex4X secret lies in its patented, clinically-tested Cetylated Fatty Acid Complex (cetyl oleate, cetylated laurate, cetylated palmitate, cetyl myristoleate, cetyl myristate).
Research shows that cetylated fatty acids appear to have the same characteristics as essential fatty acids (EFAs), except stronger and longer lasting. These oils function in two therapeutic ways for fast and long-term comfort:

  1. RESTORES CELL FUNCTION: As lipids (or fats) are the main components of cell membranes, they play an essential role in the regulation of nutrients and other compounds across the cellular membrane. In order for the cells of the joints and muscles to function optimally, nutrients and cellular waste products need to be able to pass into and out of these cells, respectively.  ActaFlex4X provides the cell membrane with an ideal blend of lipids to reinforce the membrane’s ability to function efficiently and effectively. This unique combination of fatty acids also works by repelling stressors such as inflammatory chemicals and protecting cell membranes against oxidation, which increase the membrane’s flexibility and strength and help reduce cartilage and tissue breakdown. [1-2]
  2. CUSHIONS & LUBRICATES: These fatty acids act as a unique cellular lubricant, a kind of WD-40 that enhances fluids to cushion bones and restore joint mobility without painful bone-on-bone grinding! With time, the joint and muscle tissues have a chance to recover and regenerate for long-term comfort and flexibility! [3]


The Discovery

Cetyl Myristoleate was discovered more than 50 years ago by Harry W. Diehl, Ph.D., a researcher at the prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH).

At the time, Dr. Diehl was responsible for testing anti-inflammatory drugs on lab animals. In order for him to test the drugs, he first had to artificially induce arthritis in the animals by using certain chemicals. However, Dr. Diehl discovered that it was impossible to induce arthritis in Swiss albino mice.

With time, Dr. Diehl successfully extracted the substance which was “immunizing” the mice – it was cetyl myristoleate. Consequently, the ingredient was tested in animal experiments with astounding results. [4]

Dr. Diehl patented his discovery. By then, Diehl himself began suffering from arthritis. He successfully alleviated the condition with cetyl myristoleate treatment and lived pain free for many years.

Since then, clinical trials using topical applications of cetylated fatty acids have shown significant improvements in the movement, ability to climb and descend stairs, rise from the chairs, walking, balance, strength and endurance. [5-6]





Advanced pain relief delivers relief  to the site of pain
Through a unique transdermal delivery, ActaFlex4X penetrates skin quickly to reach the target tissues and joints.