Product Description

The goodness of Mediterranean-based nutrients in one exclusive formula!

Mediterryn (Med-i-TERR-in) pulls together a potent blend of Mediterranean-based nutrients including high DHA omega-3 oil plus five other super nutrients in two remarkable softgels!

  1. Hydroxytyrosol, the main bioactive component of virgin olive oil, for powerful cholesterol, blood sugar, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory support, and more!
  2. Over 1 gram of DHA-rich omega-3s per serving for heart, brain, skin, eye health–and much more!
  3. A patented, clinically-studied coffee fruit extract teams up with choline for even more brain-boosting support
  4. The most absorbable form of vitamin D for muscle, bone, and immune support
  5. Essential support to maintain healthy joints, prostate, cells and mitochondrial function

The Ikarian secret for clear arteries and strong hearts

A miraculous polyphenol discovered in Greek olives called hydroxytyrosol (HT) is now believed to be the key reason why a Mediterranean diet high in extra virgin olive oil is so healthy.

Recent clinical studies reveal that HT has superior antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is the BEST WAY to stop oxidized cholesterol and the formation of plaques from clogging your arteries and obstructing blood flow.

What’s more, HT is so well absorbed into the blood, that only 5.25 mg is needed to rapidly reduce cholesterol oxidation, according to a human clinical study.

You’d need 180 spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil to give you the amount of whole-food-sourced HT found in each daily serving of Mediterryn. We give you the full research dose, plus the benefits of Mediterranean olive oil safely and reliably — without the fat and calories.

A full 800mg of DHA — 300% more than a leading fish oil brand!

DHA is the healthiest fatty acid, and ultra-high amounts are needed to support not only your heart, but your brain, eyes, and entire body.  Ikarians regularly enjoy fatty wild-caught salmon and tuna, which are naturally high in DHA, and that makes all the difference.

But, it can be difficult to get enough omega-3s from diet alone. That’s why our DHA-rich Mediterryn is built upon a foundation of DHA-rich tuna and salmon oil –not cheap forage fish or seafood by-products.

This fresh and ultra-pure oil is sourced from wild or sustainably harvested, non-GMO fish.   Then it goes through a patented purification process for superior quality and safety. In fact, our oils are the cleanest in the world—in some cases, ten times cleaner than industry standards.

Finally, we use the more absorbable natural triglyceride form of omega-3 because it is easier for your body to utilize. This excellent bioavailability and absorption makes Mediterryn even more potent—and a better value.

Two superstars for unprecedented brain support

Your brain plays a role in your entire body.  That’s why each dose of Mediterryn contains an entire brain-nourishing arsenal, with many more kinds of support beyond DHA.

Scientists recently discovered a unique growth hormone called “brain-derived neurotropic factor” or BDNF.   BDNF helps prevent brain cells from dying, grows new neurons, and supports brain function. (Low levels have been linked to cognitive decline, accelerated aging, obesity and depression. )

In Ikaria, folks walk or ride their bikes up and down the hilly terrain. It’s this type of physical aerobic exercise that releases BDNF into the bloodstream.

Patented coffee fruit extract increases BDNF 143%

Up until now, exercise was thought to be the only way to increase BDNF levels in the body.  In recent clinical studies, a patented coffee fruit extract increased BDNF levels 143%, without exercise, in just one hour — that’s DOUBLE what exercise does!

It turns out that the once-discarded flesh of the coffee fruit is loaded with potent antioxidants that benefit human health.   And that’s why we’ve included this remarkable breakthrough in Mediterryn.

We’ve also included 110mg of choline, because if you’re not eating ample amounts of fish, shrimp, and beans as found in the Ikarian diet, then you may not be getting enough.

Choline helps your brain make more neurotransmitters, especially acetylcholine which plays a vital role in memory and learning. With Mediterryn, you’ll boost your BDNF levels and enjoy clear thinking, sharp memory and laser-like concentration for years to come!

Two more nutrients create the “Ultimate One-Step Solution” for your brain, your heart, and every cell in your body

Our bodies require sunshine to make Vitamin D. But unless you live in a sunny climate like the Mediterranean, you’re missing its key healing benefits.  And if you’ve been feeling sluggish in energy and mood, you may be among the 75% if Americans who are deficient as a result.

  1. You get 1,200 I.U. of Vitamin D3 in each dose to maintain healthy prostate, digestion, immunity and bones.
  1. Natural vitamin E – Almonds and walnuts, loaded with natural vitamin E, are plentiful on the “Island of Long Life.”  For maximum benefit for your heart, pancreas, liver and brain, you want the entire “family” of the Vitamin E molecule — all 8 different compounds—what researchers call “full-spectrum Vitamin E.” And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Mediterryn.

Mediterryn delivers DHA-rich omega 3s plus five more longevity secrets of the world’s healthiest culture to support your heart, eyes, brain, skin, bones, and whole body.

It’s one supreme supplement that does everything better.  You won’t find this unique combination in stores or anywhere else!



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