Product Description

An exciting new development in the biology of aging based on a breakthrough from Harvard and Cornell Universities

At the heart of MitoBoost is the patented and clinically studied Niagen®, the first and only commercially available form of a newly-discovered vitamin called nicatinamide riboside (NR).

Often referred to as a “miracle molecule” and “hidden vitamin,” Niagen® is showing promise in research studies to help many of the symptoms associated with aging: weight loss, muscle loss, fatigue, sleep problems, and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

How?  By raising a key chemical inside cells called NAD+.

NAD+ levels naturally decline nearly 50% every 20 years, leading to a decline in cellular health

NAD+ is a chemical found in every living organism and is essential for life.  But for reasons still unknown, our levels of NAD+ dramatically decline as we age–by as much as 50% every 20 years.

If you feel increasingly lethargic or unmotivated as you get older, you can probably blame your falling NAD+ levels.

What’s more, a deficiency in NAD+ is now thought to be one of the main causes systemic aging–and Niagen® is the only oral supplement shown to replenish it.

Boost mitochondrial function and youthful vitality–by increasing NAD+

A 2013 study by Harvard geneticist Dr. David Sinclair demonstrated that increased levels of NAD+  reverses age-related degeneration in elderly mice.

By increasing NAD+ levels, their muscle mitochondria were restored to a youthful state—providing the strength, endurance, and metabolism of much younger mice.  In human years, it was the equivalent of a 60-year old’s mitochondria behaving more like those of a 20-year old.

Excitingly, this research suggests that many age-related effects are at least partly driven by a decline in mitochondrial functioning–and that mitochondrial dysfunction is readily reversible by the administration of an NAD+ precursor.

As NAD+ levels fall, our mitochondria “burn out”

The density and health of the mitochondria in your organs and muscles are, to a large extent, a reflection of your current health and fitness.

For example, lean muscle tissue contains far more mitochondria than fat does. And a strong heart is likely to be denser with more mitochondria than a weak one.

But our mitochondria can readily “burn out” as NAD+ levels fall, causing energy production to decrease and cells to age more quickly.

This vicious cycle causes many of the visible signs of aging, in addition to diminished mental faculties and declining health.

Clinically shown to increase NAD+ by 33% in humans

Research studies show that replenishing lost NAD+ can make mitochondria younger in both appearance and performance.  Result? Aging slows down and overall health and vitality improves.

The most direct NAD+ precursor is Niagen®. In a recent study, just one 100mg raised NAD+ levels in humans by 33% in just 8 hours.  MitoBoost provides the full research dose– an amount of nicotinamide riboside equivalent to 667 cups of milk.

Plus, MitoBoost activates longevity-promoting sirtuins

What’s more, MitoBoost with NIAGEN® measurably boosts the activity of sirtuin enzymes SIRT1 and SIRT3, effects otherwise only achievable through drastic calorie restriction.

Sirtuin activation is a scientifically-validated ways of counteracting the effects of aging and increasing lifespan in lab animals.

Finally, our formula is optimized with resveratrol which researchers say works in synergy with Niagen® to “turn on” the body’s longevity genes.

Adding MitoBoost with NIAGEN® to your daily regimen is a safe way to help maintain youthful functioning of the basic life-sustaining processes in every cell of the body.  Supplementation extends lifespan in laboratory animals, while boosting energy, physical performance and cognitive powers.

NAD+ levels decline by as much as 80% as we age