Product Description

“Next Generation” Pomegranate Formula

Pomectin provides unparalleled support for blood sugar, the cardiovascular system, memory, and a wide range of conditions.

Why does it work so well?  Pomectin is rich in “polyphenol bombs” called punicalagins, potent antioxidants that are unique to the pomegranate fruit. It also includes other naturally-occurring nutrients like that of pomegranate juice.

Pomectin is the only pomegranate extract that contains the exact nutrient profile needed to deliver the health benefits linked to pomegranates. It is 100% natural, clinically researched and highly bioavailable.



Good cholesterol increases by 215%… while LDL plunges 64%

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, researchers divided 100 heart attack patients into two groups. Fifty took 300 mg of the extract in Pomectin twice daily for a month, while the remaining patients took an equal placebo.

At the end of the month, those who took the extract had significantly lower levels of heart disease indicators homocysteine, Hs-CRP, and OX-LDL, while simultaneously increasing HDL (good) cholesterol substantially:

  • Oxidized LDL (the worst kind of cholesterol) decreased by 64% while “good” cholesterol soared 215%
  • Triglycerides dropped by 47%
  • Homocysteine and CRP levels plunged a staggering 56%

For the first time ever, you can harness the anti-aging, youth-boosting power of punicalagins for whole-body health with the most advanced pomegranate formula in the world, Pomectin. You’ll be impressed by your numbers at your next check up!

Scientists recently discovered remarkable nutritional compounds in the peel of the pomegranate, and they are not found in any other plant: punicalagins.  As it turns out, punicalagins are responsible for nearly 50% of pomegranate’s health giving ability.